TRANSFORMing challenges into opportunities

Embrace your constraints To deliver your business ambitions

Business is fuelled by its ambitions, but more often than not, significant constraints prevent us from achieving these ambitions and we get stuck in a rut, unable to grow, unable to succeed.

Based on the book of the same name, A Beautiful Constraint is set of principles, tools and behaviours that helps you & your business achieve ambitious goals by re-assessing how constraint is viewed, by learning how to embrace it, leverage it, love it, instead of looking for ways to avoid it or minimize it. The ABC approach is based on 3 years of research with individuals and major organisations from fields as diverse as education, automobile engineering, supply-chain management, agriculture and breakthrough marketing campaigns.

Our new capability building workshops focus on the method, mindset and motivation to help you embrace constraints in order to achieve your ambitions. Choose from our range of training sessions that give your team the tools to:

  • Move from victim to transformer mindset

  • Examine how we've become path dependent stuck with routines that blind us from seeing opportunity

  • Ask propelling questions to put the most pressing and valuable constraints at the heart of the problem solving process

  • Adopt a can–if mentality to answer these questions focused on 'how', not 'if' this is possible

  • Rediscover resourcefulness, and the ability to create abundance in the face of scarcity

  • Activate the high–octane mix of emotions necessary to fuel the tenacity required for success

Learn the techniques to make your business constraints a fuel to achieve your ambitions.   Contact us for more information.


"An amazing book" — Dan Wieden, Wieden + Kennedy

We live in a world of seemingly ever–increasing constraints, driven as much by an over–abundance of choices and connections as by a scarcity of time and resources. How we respond to these constraints is one of the most important issues of our time, and will be a large determinant of our future progress as people, businesses and citizens of our planet. Underpinned by the latest research from social science, authors Adam Morgan & Mark Barden interviewed individuals and teams in disciplines as varied as marketing, supply chain, race car engineering, design, agronomy and education, all of whom had turned apparent constraints into sources of possibility and advantage.

A Beautiful Constraint is a highly acclaimed and practical handbook about everyday inventiveness, designed for the constrained times in which we live - it will change the way you approach your challenges in both business and life.



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